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    growing up sucks because you realize $1000 isn’t a lot of money

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    another year, another comic con i’m not attending

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    Posted by <REDACTED> on on 1/2/98 :

    Didn’t anyone else here see them in person at the 1995 Museum of Television & Radio Festival?  I did.  Anyone who can get to the Museum in either LA or New York can too, by watching their tape of the XF panel.  DD & GA, onstage together for at least an hour.  They even <gasp> SAT NEXT TO EACH OTHER.  Willingly!  

    Although, now that I look back on it, I *suppose* they could have been harbouring intense hatred for one another. After all, when the panel ended and the panelists gathered in that side room to schmooze with their guests, instead of DD & GA hanging out with each other, DD hung out with Perrey Reeves and GA hung out with — of all people — Clyde Klotz. 

    (Hanging around her own HUSBAND, fergodssakes.  And in PUBLIC, too. Can you IMAGINE?  The NERVE of those showbiz folks!)  

    Oh, and also, I noticed something when watching the tape that I couldn’t hear at the panel itself.  Unlike the auditorium speakers, the videotape caught everything that was picked up by the clip-on mikes, no matter how quietly spoken.  At one point on the tape, unheard by the live audience, you can *clearly* hear David — get this — ASKING Gillian IF SHE WANTS SOME WATER!!!  (Oh, the unmitigated GALL of the man!!) And then … then … oh god … HE POURS HER SOME WATER TO DRINK!!!!!  Into a CUP!!!!  And HANDS IT TO HER!!!!!!  OOOOHHHHH, the HATRED!!!!!! You can just FEEEEL it!!!!!!!

    God, what more proof do we need?  THEY HATE EACH OTHER!!!!

    And one more thing: on the videotape (but not in person), as the panel ends and the guests are getting ready to leave the stage, you can actually hear poor, sweet, naive DD asking CC if they should sign autographs now. (Remember, this was in early 1995.  DD didn’t know any better yet. ;-) ) The older and wiser CC tells DD no — because, if they did, they’d never get out of there.  So they leave the stage. 

    This is a double-fisted blast from the past. A fan in 1998, entrenched in epic “do DD & GA hate each other?” warfare which still rages today, reporting on videotape of an event in 1995. (The Museum of TV & Radio became the Paley Center for Media).

    And you thought I was sarcastic.

    I will also note that I believe this footage is available for viewing for anyone who would visit the archives. Locals, think on the contribution you could make to science. Think of posterity.

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    My heart can’t handle this I’m going to bed


    This post is trying to kill me.  And I will go willingly into that good night.

    This post just made my morning…

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Our favorite man!

Nice crop of his photo with the lady!  Mr. Goldwyn looking extra handsome and stylish, per his usual habit!



    Our favorite man!

    Nice crop of his photo with the lady!  Mr. Goldwyn looking extra handsome and stylish, per his usual habit!

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    Rani Zakhem Haute Couture Fall Winter 2014/15 Collection

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