you met me at a very strange time in my life

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    Love usually leads to trouble.

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    getting followed by ur favorite bloggers is like having your crush over at your house on one hand you’re super excited but on the other hand it’s like shit I gotta class this place up

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    Tony Goldwyn on "Scandal" and Relationships →


    VERYYYYY interesting….

    I transcribed the most interesting part.

    What’s a chink in your armour that you haven’t really talked about much?

    A chink in my armour? Erm… Well there are things that I feel like I’m beginning to conquer. I mean, I know currently there are things… but what comes to mind are ways that I got so wrapped up in my own issues and what was important to me, in my own sense of drive, that I um, didn’t…wasn’t…I don’t think was empathetic enough to my wife and her issues.

    Did that experience inform your character on Scandal?

    Oh yeah. I mean, their situation is very extreme but my life of um, relationships has always served, as an actor that’s what you draw on that stuff.

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    Steal His Look: David Duchovny

    Thomas O’Brien Austin Floral Indigo Tea Cup - $16

    NIKKI!!! nikkisshadetree

    HELP!! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!!


    You haven’t seen this one before?!??! 😂😂😂😂😂😂



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    an octopus is just a wet spider


    are you calling me a spider

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    I’ll say it again, his hair is perfection here.

    I’ll say it again, his hair is perfection here.

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